Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lets Celebrate !

It's the weekend and its also Canada day weekend, Canada day is tomorrow, there will be fireworks and free concerts of some type going on everywhere in the city.

The boyfriend and I  are going to my moms house today to cat/house sit for the night while they go to some bird sanctuary ( mom loves to take pictures . i just might post some of her nice pictures sometime).  then tomorrow night we will be going to the fireworks to celebrate Canada day. as Monday is a holiday we wont be doing a lot  it will be my last relaxing day before I start my work term at the daycare for the summer, ill try to make some posts I promise its going to happen !

The boyfriend and I watch greys anatomy everyday it seems we are trying to catch up on the episodes , and well we almost have made it we are on season 7 out of 8. I have to say I'm addicted

What are you doing for the weekend and what are your favorite shows ?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bless His Little Heart

Hello Folks. I apologize for being a little MIA for the past little while, I actually have no excuse...shame on me I know.

moving on ...

for some of you , you know that I work with children and that I coach gymnastics and well yesterday was the last Saturday for the summer for me to coach. and  yesterday one of the little boys that I coach and have been for the past 4 years gave me a little surprise, it actually almost made me cry , along with what his mother said about him not coming back to gymnastics because he wouldn't be able to have me as a coach in September and he didn't want another coach so here is the present I got from him.. Bless his little heart <3

   this is a picture of us two years ago, and he had decorated and framed it for me it pretty much made me cry

thats all for now !

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just a few things.

First of id like to say I'M STILL SICK! ... I'm never sick this long its been since Tuesday . Saturday at work i got sent home early because my voice was gone and the kids could not hear me!
BUT on the plus side I'm feeling a bit better after having a 4 hour nap yesterday and sleeping a full 10 hours last night .

Second of all id like to say Happy Fathers Day to my Daddy <3
I'm a daddy's girl . I always have been & always will be , me and my dad are so close and so much alike we are 30 years and 2 days apart. even though he lives 2 hours away and even though I don't get to see him very often hes still my daddy and i love him to death <3
A few weeks back my dad had told me that he was retiring from the military which was a HUGE shock, never thought he would ever retire from the military. him and my step mom bought a retirement home not too far from where he lives now. cant wait to visit him !

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still sick..

.. ill live
Iv been here sneezing up a storm and now iv taken daytime cold medicine and im all spacey that's the whole reason why I don't like taking cold medicine but Ineed to take it as I have class tonight.

But moving on...

Saturday at work we had what we call a Fun Meet and the kids go and show their parents the routines that they have been learning over the 2 months and they get ribbons. its like a mini competition for the children.
For the kids of mine that showed up to do the fun meet they all did fairly good none of them really needed any help remembering their routines and when they did their classmates helped them out which i found great. One boy I have coached for 4 years now and this is his last year of gymnastics but for the last 3 fun meets he forgot his routines and just got up on the beam and walked across it and jumped off... NOT THIS TIME ! I couldn't be anymore proud of him he got up on the beam and did his routine with out any help ! it made me feel so good :)

Now i have to get ready for class and kinda clean as i am going to the boyfriends moms place tonight!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I apologize iv been slacking on the posting, but i have reason!

I worked on Saturday then i was at my boyfriends mom place till today which her internet was down but now I am home and I am sick so im going to leave the posting till tomorrow when im feeling better!

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's a Lazy Friday !

Its for sure a lazy Friday for me iv worked for the past 2 days.And for you that don't know I work with children, im allowed to have a lazy day right ?...
Don't get me wrong I love working with kids but working with kids can be tiring. My life is all about kids I work with kids I go home and there are kids the because my mom has a daycare at home.

I'm having what you would call a vacation at my boyfriends moms house im sitting here on the computer and doing nothing at all, ALL day while they play on the Super Nintendo all day. 

Tomorrow im at my other job with kids ( coaching gymnastics) and tomorrow were having what you call a Fun Meet for the children where they show off routines that they have been learning for the past 2 months to their families and friends. they get ribbons and medals like they would at any competition . What i think is the most exciting for them is the Popsicle they get at the end of their session haha. look for a post about how the fun meet went until then im having a lazy day !

what do you guys do on a lazy day ? 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lets Have Some Fun :)

A few friends and I from school decided to go camping by a friends lake. mind you i dont like camping but for what it is worth it was fun!

  1. the start of the night the two cousins Shelby (in red) Tiana (in green)
  2. Lakyn and I ( think i got a lazy i or something)
  3. Lakyn, Shelby and I
  4. This picure there are no words for this one. * the guy is Lakyn's boyfriend Teddy (Theodore)
  5. Well this is Shelby and I on a regualr baises
  6. Im pretty sure i was saying something but who knows it was a good time
  7. Shelby standing in the fire
over all the trip was fun and i was glad to see my friends agian dont get to see them very often the pictures you see here is what you would see from me and my friends on a daily baises were are FAR from normal !

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"What To Expect When Your Expecting" My Review

My boyfriend(Ory) and I went to see What to expect when your expecting on Friday. As Ory didn't think he would like it, turns out he did ! So did I.
I thought someone could be relate if "expecting" it was pretty funny with the "dudes group" there were lots of laughs not only coming from us but from other people in the theater especially the "older" crowed. when I first saw the trailer I was excited to see Chris Rock ,Jennifer Lopez and  especially Matthew Morrison. Having those celebs in the movie made it that much more enjoyable for me . I would recommend this movie to anyone :).