Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Big Brother Update & First Things First

Hey ladies,
Today I'm linking up with first things first and doing my big brother Canada update !
Sorry Ive been missing I KNOW you haven't missed me .I have lost a few followers but that's okay I appreciate the ones I have :)

First magazine subscription:
I actually have not suscribed to a magazine. But if I WERE to it would  be Cosmo magazine
First real piece of jewelry you owned:
I dont have the peice anymore but it was a puzzle right my dad got for me from over seas somewhere when I was in grade 6. Unfourtantly it broke and I was one upset child when it did !
First time I stayed home alone:
I dont really remeber this but what  do know is that it took my mom a LONG time for her to be able to leave me home alone. she wouldnt even leave me home alone with my brother over night and hes 7 years older than me  she finally let me in like grade 8 or 9.
Big Brother Canada Update !
Since the last time I posted we found out that Kat was evicted and they were fighting for HOH
Since then  Gillan has won HOH
 And she nominated
Gary and Anel
 Gary won POV  so then Gillan had to put up someone else and she put up Danielle
 and that is her face when she got evicted only 3 people voted to keep her in the game !
Tom won HOH
 and he put up Gary and Suzette
Toms main goal is to get Suzette out of the game because she is causing drama and is after him !
Hope you all have a great night :)
Jenn xo

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Horrible , sorry !

Ive been a horrible blogger I know !
I KINDA  took this week off from it because I was at the daycare for my CO-OP all week and I was trying to get this done and getting activities done . but I AM back .
I got some exciting stuff comming up on my blog hopefully this week !
Bare with me :)
Jenn xo

Friday, March 1, 2013

Big Brother Canada Update

Some or none of you care about big brother but I do so this for my own sake :)
It gives me something to write about .. so wrong ?
So from yesterday we knew that Suzette was HOH and she nominated Tom and Emmett. Tom won POV.
Well since then...
Tom took him self off the block so that left Suzette to put someone else up for eviction and she chose after there being talk about different people going up she chose....
shes from T.O!
She got evicted with a vote of 11-2
And when they left off the house guests were fighting for HOH and that we will find out Sunday who won! 
Jenn xo
PS went shopping today with the boyfriend and there will be a post of all the stuff i bought some time within the next couple days !