Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Here In Canada it is thanksgiving,
So to all my Canadian readers

I am thankful for ...
My family and friends.
My dog.
All my jobs and the children and families I work with.

So I will take this day to relax and possibly get some stuff done around the house.

Have a great Monday !

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Girl Behind The Blog

So with having a new design, it makes me feel like I should be starting over.
With having said that I am going to start from the beginning by telling everyone who I am.

My name is Jenn. 
I am from Canada and I am 22 years old.
I recently cut my hair and dyed it red.
I live with my mom and my boyfriend and our dog Digger,
I have a wonderful step mom that lives with my dad (my other half) and two step brothers and a step sister and along with a half brother.

In May I Graduated from the College of Early Childhood Education to become a Daycare teacher.
I work at a wonderful daycare now for a year and a bit now the staff and families there are great.
On top of the daycare I work as a gymnastics coach and have since I was 16, I also help coach the cheerleading teams there, we currently have two amazing teams of young girls.
I recently picked up another job of coaching a recreational cheerleading class on Tuesday nights.

My hobbies are doing competitive tumbling at the gym I work at two nights a week.
and have done gymnastics (recreational and competitive) since I was for and did cheerleading for 4 years.

I love to read and watch TV.
I love all kinds of music and movies.
I am a superman lover .

And that is me in a  nutshell.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Starting Fresh

As you all can see I have gotten a new blog design which I love !

I stumbled upon Erin over at love fun and football and had a look at her previous designs.
They all were very nice and I was very interested.

So after emailing her things got started, I loved working with her she got what I wanted to a T

With this new design I feel refreshed and motivated with my posts

So thank you Erin 
And everyone should go check her out !