Saturday, January 23, 2016

January So Far

January is almost over and its hard to believe!

So lets go back in time a bit  

On January 10 I had my first tumbling competition of the season and I had come second place first place person had beaten me by .500 , I had the score of 56.00 and she had 56.500. SO CLOSE!
I had my mom and her boyfriend and my (new) Boyfriend Jared 

A few days later we had a snow storm and at work we only had the max of 5 kids at the daycare over the course of the day so we spent the day outside, We built a snow fort and we even ate afternoon snack in it! oh and didn't have nap-time either... oops 

This is still standing!

Just last week my competitive cheerleading girls got their new uniforms and their music to their routines it was like Christmas all over again ! The were very excited along with myself . 
Their first competition is February 6th and 7th , very VERY soon!

Over all January has been very good to me minus having this weird head cold thing for almost 2 weeks which kept me from going to the gym . Now im back on the gym bend again. I have managed to be able to run 5km in 46:38 ! first time running 5km. 
In June mom and I are going to run a race called Sole Sisters  its a 5km race just for woman. Pretty excited ! 

That is all for now, Till next time !

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Books for 2016

It is exactly one week from my first tumbling competition and today is the day that all my holiday fun ends I go back to normal hours with all my works.

I have a few books that I had bought back in 2015 possibly even in 2014 that I plan on reading this year it is one of my goals for 2016 to do!

//Shift work  By Tie Domi 

//The Nature of Jade  By Deb Caletti

//Looking for Alaska  By John Green

//Abundance of Katherines By John Green

//Lock and Key By Sarah Dessen

//Lipstick Apology By Jennifer Jabaley

//Spoiled By Heather Cocks

//Messy By Heather Cocks

//17 First Kisses By Rachael Allen

//16 Things I Thought Were True By Janet Gurtler

//Mostly Good Girls By Leila Sales

Have you read any of these?, What did you think of them?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holidays in pictures

I am going to share with you my holidays with pictures 
One of the presents I got from one of the parents at work !

What I Ate with mom for Christmas eve ..mmmmm :)

One of the presents I got for Christmas , arnt they pretty ?

Christmas Goose with dad !

Shameless Christmas selfie

Moms Christmas tree

Selfie With Tree

Little bit of hockey Action 

Dads tree 

Hope you all had a great holiday !

Friday, January 1, 2016

Clean Slate

It is January of 2016 I have not posted in months, I am here to try again with fresh ideas.

First off I would like to to say Happy New Year and welcome 2016.
I am going to start with 10 facts about me for all you new and old readers to get to know me again.

1.My name is Jenn
2.I am Canadian And German (hens the name Hello Gutentag )
3.I am a Gymnastics coach
4.I am a Competitive Cheerleading Coach 
5.I am a Competitive power tumbler (form of gymnastics)
6.Superman fan
7.I am an Early Childhood Educator 
8. No Tattoos...YET (have one in mind to get)
9. Favourite colour is blue
10,I drive a Nissan Versa 

My 2016 Goals 

*Maintain my fitness 
*Read More books this year 
*Start and Finish Coca Cola puzzle 
*Take more pictures to look back on next year

What are your goals?

Have a great new year everyone !